Every team-connect Solution does more than unite your leaders and team unleashes their full potential

Of all the management challenges you face, one of the most frustrating, complicated and consequential can be managing a team of high energy, driven, and all too often sparring members.

How do you improve the team’s efficiency? Where do you find ways to increase workflow? What’s needed to get lasting, meaningful results?

And where do you go to you even begin to solve these issues?

For many companies and organizations, the answer to all of the above — and more — is team-connect, a series of the highly effective methodologies developed by Connect the Dots that unleashes a team’s full potential.

Instead of a single, one-size-fits-all solution, team-connect offers four distinct solutions to meet your team’s precise needs.


Our years of experience coaching teams have proven to us that no one solution can address all major situations. That’s precisely why Connect the Dots offers four distinct, focused solutions for four categories of teams. Four situations. Four solutions. And the reason why Connect the Dots is the single best way to unleash your team’s full potential.

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The team-connect LEVEL 1 Solution

One team-connect Session with many lasting benefits for the leader and the team members.


Developed for all leadership levels, this popular “stand alone” solution provides the foundation for team building starting with a clearer understanding of both the team’s dynamics and its interactions.

Upon completion of the team-connect Level 1 Session, many teams are primed to move on to address their critical challenges by leveraging additional team-connect Solutions.      


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The team-connect LEVEL 2 Solution

When your team has several — or more — issues, the team-connect Level 2 Solution resolves each one.

The team-connect Level 2 Solution starts where the Level 1 Solution culminates.

Teams facing a number of issues simultaneously can be among the most at risk of underperforming. Our Level 2 Solution is designed to help teams successfully grapple with the challenge of concurrently tasking multiple objectives.

First, we surface the team’s current state and help them articulate the desired state, all while identifying team improvement objectives. We provide facilitated learning and team coaching, and work with them to develop action plans that address key gaps. Then, to be sure all these elements are working, we measure the team’s progress over a 3- to 6-month period.


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The team-connect LEVEL 3 Solution


The more complicated the problems, the more your team requires the team-connect Level 3 Solution.

This, our most comprehensive, far-ranging solution to truly complex business challenges, is ideally suited for Executive, VP and often Director-level teams. It includes 4 to 6 sessions with the team members, and usually spans 6 to 12 months.

Topics intensively dealt with include alignment around the team’s purpose, and articulating, and understanding the team’s desired culture. Those teams that benefit the most from our Complex Team Dynamics Solution include:





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The team-connect Level 4 Team Coaching Solution

Team Coaching assures that the leadership team delivers the results you — and they — want


Yes, we know, that’s a big promise. Here’s how we keep it:

We created Level 4 to enhance the results of every team-connect Solution after the team reaches the appropriate knowledge level and understanding of its current and its desired state. 

Team Coaching is asking provocative questions, providing direction for intervention of the team leader, full team, sub-groups or individuals that are not aligned with the objectives or are exhibiting behaviors that don’t support the team.


Team Coaching begins not with the team, but with the team's leader and the Connect the Dots team coach.


Team Coaching relies on a strong relationship with the team’s leader and their high engagement to the coaching work. So, the team leader and the Connect the Dots team coach first establish a rapport and alignment that will be critical to the team’s ultimate success. This may require a few one-on-one coaching sessions, and it will be time very well invested.


For the team to reach its objectives of desired state, you need a strong coach who knows how to observe, ask questions and guide the team.


Which precisely describes the Connects the Dots team coach, who will then observe the team in action to gain a real life look at what the team requires. Years of experience, plus an in-depth understanding of team dynamics go into this process, which is why its significance cannot be overstated: the team coach knows the right questions to ask, and how to provide a customized road-map for a team’s path to successfully achieving its objectives.

Working sessions with smaller sub-groups and one-on-one meetings with team members contribute to providing the team with a solid platform to become more effective, accountable, and, ultimately, successful.

Most Team Coaching processes run a minimum of 6 months and are often renewed at the request of the team leader as well as team members. After all, they want their team to provide you with successful results as much as you want them to.


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