leading change®
Breakthrough Change Happens When Leaders Are Equipped For It

leading change® will give you long-term success without the costly waste of lost resources and decreased morale.

If you are a senior executive, business unit leader, or functional leader in HR, IT, or marketing – this information could make the difference between your change management skyrocketing to the top and truly making a difference – or plummeting to the bottom, wasting time and precious resources.

Let’s face it. The costs are high when change efforts go wrong.

Not only financially but in lost opportunities, wasted resources, and diminished morale.

The business landscape has shifted. Before, it took months, sometimes years of planning to implement change. Now we have the tools and systems to initiate change much more quickly and efficiently.

Your organization may be at the point where change is needed. For instance, if you’re initiating:

    • New technologies...
    • New processes or workflows...
    • A cultural shift...
    • New leadership, or teams...Connect the Dots - leading change logo

... then you need a change management strategy that will put your organization on track toward remarkable results. And for that kind of solution, you need expert guidance.

 leading change® is our answer to a fast-changing marketplace that demands innovation – and to avoid being left behind with all the other non-starters.

We give you three unique approaches to ensure that you gain new ground in your quest to become an industry leader:

1) Fresh, cutting-edge strategies to help you “lead” change successful 

  • While you initiate the technical change management, we’ll focus on developing the change strategy – not delivering change management tactics.
  • We know how to deal with “change fatigue” and avoid the type of communication that doesn’t encourage true transformation. We’ll uncover potential issues that could ground your change efforts before they even get started. And we’ll make sure you understand all of the moving parts of change so nothing falls through the cracks.

2) Change expertise grounded in proven methodologies

  • We customize our approach using Prosci and other change thought-leaders, such as Kotter and Heath based upon your needs. You’ll receive support, referrals, and specialized research that leverages the change method so it can best support your goals.
  • Our team is Prosci-certified and stays current with any updates and revisions. Prosci’s training curriculum is based upon the results of Prosci’s industry-leading Best Practices in Change Management, which utilizes benchmarking research from more than 3,400 organizations worldwide.
  • You’ll get practical, pragmatic solutions that deliver success – the kind that will give you long-term advancement – and keep you ten steps in front of your competition.

3) Use current culture to your advantage

  • Culture is everything.
  • Businesses now understand the key to the success of change management is understanding the culture. We help you overcome cultural resistance and make the most out of cultural support.
  • Instead of trying to change the culture, we help you draw emotional energy from it. We tap into the way people already think, behave, work, and feel to provide a boost to the change initiative. This leads to a smoother transition and a higher degree of commitment to the changes.

Connect the Dots: Transcending Typical Change Management Tactics

We help build the competency of leading change® within your organization – which is what your  executives, leaders, supervisors, HR professionals, IT professionals, and many others need to be more successful in their roles.

Our leading change® methodology delivers the business outcomes you need. We understand the people side and have helped a wide variety of teams get results by equipping them with the right tools. Our methodology defines the importance of change and how your people need to work differently to sustain it.  

Why not discover what our current clients already know? When it comes to making big changes, Connect the Dots leads the pack.

Learn more about leading change® by contacting us: info@connectthedotsconsutling.com or call 855.316.8161. We believe you’ll see the difference.

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