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- Leadership Coaching that Delivers Measurable ROI

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Coaching that gives your organization the human resources they need for a competitive edge.

When it comes to human resources and organizational development, you want the right people ready at the right time.

Let’s be honest. Living in the digital age and today’s workplace economic environment has significantly changed the human resources and organizational development landscape. No longer can organizations afford to hire employees and hope they stay long enough to justify the expense of training them. You can’t afford to invest resources in poor performers but you must invest in high potential leaders.

  • You need talent that makes a difference. You are not just looking for good results, but remarkable results.

    on-target Coaching

  • You need to attract and develop the leadership talent to support your business operations and your customers.
  • You need to develop the pipeline of emerging talent as your organization anticipates future retirements from the “baby boomer” generation.

You need on-target®

on-target®: Redefining the organizational coaching experience

We use innovative and practical approaches to help leaders and high-potentials understand the impact their leadership styles and performance have on them, their team and your organization. 

We get to the heart of your coaching challenges and implement tools and processes that drive results, accountability, and measure impact.

With the on-target® coaching product, you get a time-tested methodology that will deliver leader performance and give your organization the competitive edge it needs. 

on-target® identifies your challenges and delivers solutions. You live in a world where your organization has become more dependent upon you to provide the crucial frameworks, processes, tools, and perspectives needed for the selection and development of future leaders. You need a program that:

  • Ensures the right leaders are retained
  • Creates a culture that supports performance from within to gain market position
  • Equips managers to take on leadership roles of the future to guarantee long-term, workable solutions for the organization

Today’s leaders are searching for organizations that will give them autonomy, mastery and purpose. High performers know an organization needs their skills, but with fewer internal resources, tighter budgets and streamlined benefits; they often try to fend for themselves rather than ask for help.

By using on-target®, you let your leaders know they are worth investing in, which encourages a greater commitment to the organization.

Why You Should Choose on-target®

Coaching is undeniably an important leadership practice for aligning talent with your organizational priorities. It can also boost performance, develop your leadership pipeline, engage employees and reduce turnover - if done well.

Many respected MBA programs, including the Wharton program at the University of Pennsylvania, the Harvard business School, and ESMT in Germany, have taken an interest in executive coaching and are implementing it into their curriculum to prepare future leaders.

The mean ROI for companies investing in coaching was seven times the initial investment, according to a recent global survey reported by Forbes. And, for more than 25 percent of respondents, the ROI was 10-49 times the investment.

The on-target® coaching product is designed to accelerate the success of new leaders and positively impact your organization’s business performance. Leaders, their managers, HR partners and other key stakeholders are all involved in the process. 

The on-target® Difference

There are many coaching options in the marketplace today. Unfortunately, most options lack structure and organizational involvement. Without those aspects, the coaching results are often very subjective, and ROI is sketchy. on-targe delivers ROI and clear results through our uniquely defined process.


on-targe identifies the real potential of a leader and provides a clear path to improved performance. The expertise and objectivity of external Connect the Dots professionals coupled with the insider view of stakeholders, provides a multi-tier involvement process that complements the client’s business model.


Early in the process, data collection defines the current state. From there, we define formal objectives and communicate expectations. Then, a multi-tier road map and a specific coaching plan are created and implemented for a finite time period, usually several months.


on-target® takes care of the coaching, feedback and progress reports. Our on-target® professionals work closely with the leader to ensure she stays on track and offers help and insights when needed.


on-target® has built-in progress review meetings with stakeholders, utilizing unique feedback instruments. The process culminates with a final report detailing progress, ROI and recommendations.

How on-target® Coaching Will Benefit Your Organization

 There are many ways on-target® will benefit your organization. Here are just a few:

  • Definitive ROI: Today’s modern work environment demands measurement. You get it, plus interpretive analysis that produces actionable results.
  • Multi-stakeholder involvement that complements real business model and objectives: We don’t leave anything to chance or drop the ball. You can rely on our on-target® professionals to be with you every step of the way.
  • Added expertise and objectively using external professionals: Two of our professionals published books on solving employee issues and how to help train new employees. We know our stuff and work with others who are just as experienced.
  • Identification of the real potential of a leader: This is our “secret sauce.” We help you look beyond the typical identifiers of a leader and go deep to discover how their dormant traits can be nurtured and strengthened.
  • Improve organizational productivity with existing resources: We get it. Budgets are tight and you have to do more with less. Our on-target® professionals will evaluate your current resources and leverage them for your organization’s success.
  • Clear path to follow for improvement: We make it simple. We will provide you with a specific, actionable plan that will take your employee even further toward being an effective leader excelling in performance.
  • Integrates into Talent Management initiatives: Our methodology is customized to work seamlessly with your internal strategies. We learn what your priorities are and deliver a plan to help you reach them.
  • Valuable “leave-behind” leader can use their learning to develop his/her people: This is when it gets exciting. Not only do you have a leader who is equipped to do the job right, but she can also help train her own people to do the same thing. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Is on-target® right for your organization? Here are a few leadership roles and situations that benefit the most from coaching:

  • High-potential associates
  • New leaders to the organization
  • Newly- promoted leader
  • Solid leaders with developmental needs
  • First-time leaders with “stretch” assignments/performance expectations
  • Leaders with urgent performance issues

In addition, coaching isn’t just for individuals. Sometimes a team needs that extra boost that will push them across the finish line.

For this situation, on-target® brings:

  • Understanding to the strengths and needs of the team
  • Positions the team members to learn from one another
  • Builds trust and identifies breaking-down issues within the team 

Every minute counts.

In this fast-paced world, your competition is working just as hard to keep up with developing technology and new, innovative processes. One of the biggest challenges facing organizations is obtaining human capital and optimizing human capital investments. 

One of the most effective tactics of meeting the identified challenges of retaining and rewarding the best people and attracting high quality candidates to the organization is providing professional development through coaching. This is one area where you can help your organization stand apart from your competitors with leadership that is equipped for future expansion.

Why settle for one-day seminars when you can have a proven program that will produce lasting results and an on-going leadership legacy? Our experienced consultants keep leaders engaged in the on-target® coaching process and we’re ready to do the same for your organization.

Powerful, effective leadership training is just a phone call away. Give us a call at 855-316-8161 or contact us by email at info@connectthedotsconsulting.com. We can’t wait to introduce you to our team and together, make a difference with your employees, your teams, and your organization. 

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