The fact is, you only get one chance to successfully onboard a new hire. Here’s how to get it right.

Our technology solution, building connections®, provides an engaging, automated, learning experience that’s branded for your company, so new hires see it as their own. It addresses the two most critical, real-life areas new hires face: how to integrate rapidly into the organization, and then how to build the productive, positive relationships that lead to success.

We are firm believers that no new hire should be expected to navigate the onboarding process alone, as no form, manual, or even an attractive dashboard can ever fully replace the vital roles that the organization’s hiring manager, HR Partner and other stakeholders play. That’s precisely why all components of building connections® incorporate key players into the Onboarding Program.  

Every email notification, every survey to track progress, every element that helps to guide the new hire, hiring manager and key stakeholders all combine to create a total, consistent, engaging and successful onboarding experience.

building connections® is flexible, so it can address all your new hire needs, whether it's to cover the period from offer acceptance to Day 1, Day 1 through the first 90 days, or both.

For the client who wants to focus on jump-starting the experience prior to Day 1 by delivering knowledge and tools to the new hire, we offer our proprietary, dynamic web-based solution, quickstart®

quickstart® is designed to lower the new hires' apprehension while increasing their engagement by providing knowledge about the organization, the experiences they can expect as an employee, and information about Day One….ahead of Day One. 

This is doubly important when your new hire is a Millennial, as a full one-third of Millennials start seeking a new job a mere six months after joining an organization. The good news is that quickstart® can effectively counter this by incorporating the kind of technology and interactive features that engage them, and make them feel more positive about your culture.

The point is, when a new hire starts off on the right foot, the path to success is far more likely.


Most employees make it through the first 90 days. But there's a difference between making it and making it a total success.

The first ninety days are critical for success as the new hire’s goal is to transition from learning to doing — the faster the better. And the fastest way to do that is to provide them with the right knowledge, and the right connections to the right people that provides the best channel for 2-way feedback.

The first 90 days solution accomplishes all this by delivering a combination of personal, high- touch support options, delivered using advanced technology, through each stage in the process. The online experience doesn’t have to end on day one.  Once the new hire starts, Building Connections, the first 90 days, gives them access to an interactive dashboard where they can see their progress and view action items and resources that will support them through the first 90 days.

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The new hire’s support network (i.e. hiring manager, mentor and/or HR partner) will have access to a plug ‘n play roadmaps and dashboards with key milestones and surveys that give insight about what the new hire needs and what needs to be done.

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The most effective solution is a well-crafted new hire experience supported by a blended approach using both modules of building connections®  (quickstart® and the first 90). 


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