After many years of successfully transitioning leaders, we know what every one of them needs. More importantly, we make sure they receive it.


Here’s a sobering fact: Our research shows that the third month of a new leader’s employment is often a time of reckoning, when they weigh the correctness of their decision to join the organization.

“Have I made a mistake?” “Are the assurances they gave me turning out to be empty promises?” “Am I really going to meet my full potential here?”

Fortunately, here’s another fact: the Connect the Dots New Leader Transition Solution not only anticipates these questions, it helps to assure that the answers are all in their and your favor.

This is no simple feat. Which is why the program can run up to 12 months. After all, successfully integrating a new leader doesn’t happen overnight.

But the new leader and your organization can enjoy the benefits of onboarding properly from the day they receive their letter of acceptance, all the way through their forging a long-term career with you.

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Identifying the right deliverables at the right time 

At the core of our Leader Onboarding Solution is our proven on-target® transition coaching Program.


Every new leader, and every organization, wants the same thing: quick integration into the organization and the ability to deliver what the new leader was hired to do.

How those dual goals can be achieved is what our on-target® transition coaching was designed to deliver.

Here’s how: First, we assemble the most vital information about the position and the person hired to fill it, including objectives and expectations for the first six months. We then help to build a customized onboarding plan that includes key stakeholders  meetings with purpose, not your typical “meet and greets” that are often not connected to or initiate meaningful work. Also included are primary touch points with the hiring manager and HR Partner to support the leader’s transition.

Next, we organize and apply that valuable knowledge and information into the actionable on-target® transition coaching program. This results in far fewer surprises and disappointments, and far more opportunity for what you and the new leader want most: success.

 Along the way, we Get the New Leaders what they Need to be successful.

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are you connected?® gathers invaluable feedback early on — instead of when it’s far too late.

To us, it’s unforgivable if a new leader stumbles or fails primarily because the information needed to make the right decisions and deliver the expected results were never made clear. It’s as if the new leader were set up for failure.

Enter our are you connected?® solution whose survey — early on — asks all the right questions that all too many companies don’t.

Learn about the 7 indicators of onboarding success

This vital feedback, gathered in a web-based 27-question 360º survey, gives hiring managers the information and insights at a critically early point in time for the new leader.

Leaders can course correct, get clarity & make adjustments rapidly - all allowing them the full and fair opportunity to deliver the results both of you want and can achieve. are you connected?® provides critical feedback when it matters most.



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