jennifer johnson - director of client services

When Jennifer Johnson, Director of Client Services for Connect the Dots works with clients, she asks, “How can I partner best with this person and help them make the impact they desire?”

Jennifer creates a safe learning environment for her clients that allows for thoughtful communication and honest focus on performance issues. She helps executives find their voice, create a bigger impact, and understand the best approach for creating a better team. Team health – or how to improve that dynamic and what it could look like – is her goal. Jennifer wants to make a difference and empower her clients to feel stronger as a result of the partnership.

She focuses on creating an environment of trust, confidentiality, and integrity. Determined to reinforce balance, Jennifer challenges leaders to celebrate their strengths while also taking steps to clearly understand their developmental opportunities. Realistic “real-world” goals are created, timelines defined, and progress evaluated, ensuring that growth for the leader and the organization is realized.  

Jennifer’s 25 years of working with Fortune 500 companies allows her to cultivate deep business acumen which influences her work with individual leaders, teams, and companies. Her contributions at the organizational level include executive action learning programs where executive assessment, qualitative 360 feedback and executive coaching are critical pieces in the foundation of behavioral change.  

Her roles to-date have provided invaluable global experience in Europe, Asia, and Australia, and across industries as diverse as office product distribution, financial services, and technology. A small sampling of Jennifer’s clients includes: Allstate, Boeing, Centura Health, Cisco Systems, Inc., Coca-Cola, Dell, First Data Corporation, Hewlett Packard, Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Permanente, Office Depot, Renaissance Learning, U.S. Navy & other various Governmental (Federal and State) Entities

Jennifer, a graduate of The University of Northern Colorado with a BS in Business Management is also a certified trainer and facilitator for Hogan Assessments, Emergenetics and is certified in the Booth and Leadership Versatility Index 360s.

When not at work, Jennifer is a proud soccer mom, loves hiking with her husband and kids, enjoys horseback riding, cooking, and dabbles in photography.

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Our team-connect Survey Process


We start with thoughtfully diagnosing the team’s current culture by using available data, assessments and interviews.

This provides the team leader with a clear view of what is getting in the way of the team’s success.

We design a series of structured team sessions that:

  • Share the team culture analysis
  • Give team members the opportunity to talk through both processes and behaviors that need to be addressed
  • Productively provide feedback to one another
  • Develop both team and individual commitments that will lead to the team’s desired state


Measure progress by leveraging CTD’s team-connect Survey to:

  • Drive accountability and measure progress by collecting team feedback specific to one another’s engagement and behavioral change
  • Provide the team’s leader with a clear understanding of what he/she and the team need from each other to enable and support the team’s success
  • Share team and individual survey result reports