Solving Employee Performance Problems

Check out our book: Solving Employee Performance Problems: How to Spot Problems Early, Take Appropriate Action and Bring Out the Best in Everyone, written by Brenda Hampel, Erika Lamont and Anne Bruce.

This will be your go-to book for all your employee performance situations and it is loaded with tools, templates and ready-to-use documents. 

Solving Employee Performance Problems provides the tools you need to handle the most difficult employees—from the chronically late or distractingly dramatic to the disruptive, dishonest, or downright insubordinate.

Taking a heavy-handed approach to such behaviors might make you feel good for a little while—but using the measured, proactive techniques outlined in this book will be better for you, your staff, and your business. With Solving Employee Performance Problems, you’ll learn how to take ownership of your employees’ behaviors, master conversations about poor performance, conduct follow-ups, and ultimately generate:

  • Greater engagement and ownership of work
  • Higher levels of collaboration and productivity
  • Increased loyalty and retention rates
  • Gainful ROI from everyone who works for you

There’s a direct link between growth of individual employees and organizational growth. Use Solving Employee Performance Problems to be someone who manages proactively. It’s the only way to make a positive difference in the life of your employee—and make a positive impact on the future of your company.

More information about this book is available at (click here).