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Jennifer Foster’s brand of genius shines in her project management style. As a Connect the Dots Consultant, Jennifer has a knack for identifying all of the pieces that need to fit together to match an organization’s big picture. She is highly skilled with employee relations and helping managers understand what needs to happen in order to increase performance. Jennifer’s 15 years of experience as a professional with broad knowledge in Human Resources Management makes her a sought after resource for leaders. Using exceptional communication skills and a highly effective interpersonal style, Jennifer has a keen ability to listen to challenges that face managers and act as a strategic business partner to solve problems at all organizational levels. Jennifer takes Connect the Dots methodology, combines it with her excellent communication skills and business acumen and applies them to her client’s problems. She takes the time to understand the issues thoroughly and then guides her clients to a solution that works—all while keeping the organization’s ultimate goals in mind. She has a strategic eye and helps leaders create a structure so they have the right people with the right skill to get the job done. Before joining Connect the Dots, Jennifer worked in the retail, technology media and research industries to coach leaders through a wide range of business challenges such as performance management, leadership development, talent acquisition, onboarding and compliance. She has provided corporate support to retailers such as Organized Living, DSW and Tween Brands, and guided the organizations through growth and change. She graduated from Babson College in Wellesley, MA with a BS in Business Administration. When it’s time to relax, Jennifer likes to spend it running. She has traveled with her husband and children. Someday she’d like to visit London and Ireland. She loves her Ohio State Buckeyes and British dramas, especially “Downton Abbey.”

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