quickconnect® coaching 

Real Leadership Coaching - Right Now!

quickconnect® coaching provides you with an affordable, targeted, virtual coaching experience ̶ for your specific needs.

You benefit from our Real Leadership approach to coaching, which comes from years of experience working with clients across many industries, facing many types of challenging situations.

These coaching engagements are typically targeted, often 1-3 sessions total, and they deliver lasting results.

Clients can purchase individual sessions or a block to "bank" for use with one or more team members.

What holds you back from becoming a more effective leader ̶ or getting that promotion or having a high-achieving team?

quickconnect® coaching can help you get to where you want to be by focusing on specific development needs.


quickconnect®  coaching supports leaders now through --

  • Developing strategies for leading in a hybrid environment
    • Setting clear expectations
    • Providing feedback
    • Keeping the team connected and engaged
  • Addressing single pain-point/challenge or opportunities
    • Preparing for a presentation
    • Challenges with a boss, peer, or team member
    • Balancing priorities
    • Interpreting and responding to feedback
    • Motivating and managing your team or a specific team member
    • Delivering feedback to your team members
    • Responding to a project or career opportunity
    • Managing up
  • Leadership development strategies
    • Leveraging availability to focus on development strategies and plans
    • Creating or developing your development plan and outlining short-term opportunities to make progress
    • Coaching team members to create/update individual development plans
  • Assessment and debrief session
    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI):  $30-$45
    • Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i):  $100
    • CliftonStrengths (Gallup):  $30-$75

(Assessment costs shown are in addition to the per session hourly rate.)

Coaching that is Targeted, available Now, and 

Proven to Deliver Results          

Here is how we do it  ̶  the quickconnect® coaching Process:

Part 1: 30-Minute Discovery Session Phone or Video Call

A No-Commitment, Free Consultation to:

  • Discuss your need(s)
  • Understand and align on objective(s)
  • Agree to move forward strategy

Part 2: Conduct One-Hour Virtual Coaching Sessions 

$295 for the First Session; $275 for each Additional Session

  • Focus on agreed upon objective
  • Receive an email summary after each session with
    • Key topics discussed
    • Assignments
    • Articles and resources

Part 3: Final Summary with Recommendations.

Get started right now. Click on the Book a FREE 30-Minute Consult Now! button to schedule your 30-minute complimentary consultation to see if quickconnect®  coaching is right for you.

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