ATD Techknowledge features Connect the Dots and CVS presenting: Reimagining the Onboarding Experience: Using Technology for a Hybrid Workforce

Onboarding expert Jennifer Foster and CVS’s Learning and Talent Professional, Lois O’Brien were featured as presenters at the recent ATD Techknowledge virtual conference where they co-presented: Reimaging the Onboarding Experience: Using Technology for a Hybrid Workforce. Here is an overview of the topic:

The world has changed. Remote work, hybrid workforce, “new normal”—whatever you are calling it, it’s is here to stay. During this session, you will hear how CVS Health is using Connect the Dots’ onboarding technology to meet and exceed the needs of its new hires, regardless of geographic location or where work gets done. You will learn about the current state of onboarding, what new hires are asking for, and how to blend technology with key human interactions to create the engaging and consistent onboarding experience your organization needs to recruit and retain great talent.

Application on the Job:

  • Learn current trends to build the business case for introducing new technological components.
  • Understand how to build an onboarding experience that blends technology and high-touch delivery methods.
  • Create a digital experience that supports a hybrid workforce.

You can watch and listen to their presentation by clicking on this link: