Onboarding Approach and Solutions

real onboarding solutions for real business needs

Because organizations, their new hires and new leaders have different onboarding challenges, Connect the Dots has different onboarding solutions.

Onboarding remains as one of the most important activities that a company performs yet many managers still question its true value. As a result, they too often see the new hire or new leader walk out the door within the first year.

But there’s good news! Over 75% of those who are actively involved in the kind of formal onboarding experience that Connect the Dots delivers become productive, engaged team members who stay. Likewise, when new employees participate in a formal onboarding process, manager satisfaction increases by 20%.

So the question isn’t whether to provide a formal onboarding program, but how to start creating one?

The answer for many companies like yours has been the same: by partnering with Connect the Dots.

For over 15 years, Connect the Dots has helped companies design onboarding experiences that make new hires feel like they made the right decision to join the team. And, equally important, managers feel they made the right decision in hiring them.

Experience First, Technology Second

Technology doesn’t onboard people. People onboard people. That is why it is critical to document the desired experience for new hires and then determine how technology can best deliver on your program’s objectives. We have an affordable solution for that too.

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Not all onboarding solutions are one size fits all

Our approach is highly customized to meet your needs.  We work as an extension of your team to define and design the experience that will produce productive and engaged new hires.

Different onboarding experiences for different challenges

We focus our solutions into two areas:

1. The New Hire Experience
2. New Leader Transition


New Hire Experience

Developed to make new hires feel welcomed, to help them understand their roles and their importance to the organization, and to be totally prepared for the first day at work — and beyond.

Whether you are looking for a tool to help pre-board (Offer acceptance to Day 1), onboard (Day 1 to 90 Days) or both, we have you covered.

Are you looking for a total technology based solution or a more traditional answer? Again, we have you covered!

New Leader Transition

Developed to effectively align the new leader with both the hiring manager and HR Partner, fully understand and navigate the culture, develop strong relationships, and consistently assess their success through early and continual feedback.

Our New Leader Transition solution is based on proven, time-tested methodologies to fast track success.

Because your new leader doesn’t work in isolation, neither does our solution — along with the new leader, we work with her manager and human resources partner to create a customized, real-life best-practice onboarding plan that:

  • Focuses on the right things at the right time 
  • Blends the onboarding objectives into the new executive's day-to-day work, interactions and planning 
  • Accommodates the unique components of the organizational culture and dynamics 
  • Provides a structured coaching Roadmap that includes:

              - Time-based action planning 
              - Progress updates and reporting 
              - Formal feedback using are you connected? 
              - Recommendations for continued executive development and performance management