Standing Room Only Crowd for the HRSW Conference Presentation: Wake Up, Shake Up & Rebuild Your Onboarding

CTD Managing Directors Brenda Hampel and Erika Lamont spoke before a packed house at the October 17 HRSW conference in Dallas Texas. The topic was "Wake Up, Shake Up & Rebuild Your Onboarding". "We continue to see tremendous interest in this topic. Many organizations started an onboarding program at some point but they are not seeing the type of results they expected and need. The whole process needs to be disrupted", said Erika Lamont. "Our approach to these situtations with our client base is to take a good look at what was done and what resulted from the program, while mapping these against program goals and objectives. From there we develop real business solutions to make the onboarding process robust and contributory to talent management objectives. This is absolutly vital to retaining and devloping key talent", added Brenda Hampel

While at the HRSW conference, Brenda and Erika did a book signing at a book store that featured two of their recent books: Talent Assessment and Development Pocket Tool Kit: How to Get the Most out of Your Best People and Talent Selection and Onboarding Tool Kit: How to Find, Hire, and Develop the Best of the Best.

Brenda Hampel & Erika Lamont at HRSW Book Signing