Real Leadership in Under a Minute Video Series Released

Connect the Dots has released an exciting new video series titled: Real Leadership in Under a Minute. The series contains short, (under a minute) videos on current Coaching, Team Development and Onboarding topics.

Mamaging Driector Brenda Hampel states: "We are thrilled to bring targeted video messages to our audience focused on relevant topics that we deal with everyday in our work. We feel that these short videos will resonant with our audience and support their objectives in creating real solutions for real leadership challenges.”

Connect the Dots will roll out new videos on a regular basis so check back frequently. With this initial release, CTD has included 3 short videos: an introduction to the series titled "What is Real Leadership in Under a Minute";  "Best Use of 360s" video and "Developing Leaders and Teams" video.  Check them out here.