Feedback from the 2016 SHRM Talent Management Conference, Orlando, Florida April 18-20, 2016

Disrupting Their Onboarding Is a Key Priority for Many HR Professionals

Do current onboarding programs have what it takes to connect with today’s workforce? Based on feedback Connect the Dots partners Brenda Hampel and Erika Lamont received in their April 19 and 20 presentations to the SHRM Talent Management Conference in Orlando, FL, organizations are looking for effective ways to ensure their onboarding practices meet the expectations and needs of new employees.

CTD presented 2 sessions of their “Disrupt Your Onboarding Experience” presentation, designed to help participants identify the strengths and weaknesses of their onboarding processes and integrate the newest onboarding technology practices and tools with the best ones.  The presentation included several real-time feedback polls to assess the current state of onboarding at participants’ organizations and help CTD tailor its content delivery.  

Feedback from HR Professionals

The vast majority of participants are conducting onboarding at their organizations, with most participants describing their onboarding programs as consisting of orientation, training activities, socialization (34%) or a subset of that group.  About 1 in 5 reported robust processes including a formalized plan, defined roles, and feedback.  Nine percent of respondents reported a lack of onboarding.

Question 1: What is the current state of onboarding in your organization?

HR professionals were motivated to improve their onboarding systems to increase retention and to increase employee engagement.  Getting new hires up to speed, addressing the multi-generational workface, and ease of manager participation were much less likely to be the drivers of change. 

Question 2: Why "disrupt" your onboarding experience?

A majority of participants were using basic technology to support their onboarding processes.  Over a third of participants’ onboarding experiences included email and calendar planning, and another r25% included links to their HRIS systems for compliance and logistics.  Some participants implemented a branded onboarding website (15%) or social media solutions (8%).  However, 17% were not currently using any technology to support their processes.

Question 3: What type of technology are you currently using for your onboarding experience?

Your Onboarding Experience

Where is your onboarding program hitting and missing the mark? What best-practice updates can you make to better meet your organization’s needs?

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