Connect the Dots Spoke at the ATD 2016 TechKnowledge® Conference & Exposition

Connect the Dots Principals spoke at the ATD 2016 TechKnowledge® Conference & Exposition, January 15, 2016, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The session was lead by CTD principals Erika Lamont & Brenda Hampel: Disrupt Your Onboarding: Wake-up, Shake-up and Rebuild Your Onboarding Experience 

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Here is a full description of the session:

Your new talent is seeking, expecting and needs more from their first weeks on the job. This session will help you identify what's working and what's not and integrate the newest onboarding practices with the best ones. You'll learn strategies for using social media, coaching, web-based tools like on-line surveys, and web portals to refresh your onboarding experience and make it scalable. We'll share best-practice metrics and case studies that demonstrate how technology enables HR leaders to track progress, identify trends, and address onboarding challenges for an interactive discussion.

We will share deep onboarding knowledge and provide examples of current, successful onboarding practices from top employers like Twitter, Facebook, IBM, Living Social, PWC, and more.  We will also share strategies to engage talent from various generations, including Millennials and Gen Z using technology solutions like onboarding portals, social media and aligning with the values of each demographic group.

We will also explore the latest trends on onboarding and what strategies and practices are just now breaking onto the scene and how you can leverage these in your organization.

  • Understand best-practice onboarding and how to assess your current experience; Learn our 3-step process to quickly assess your onboarding experience
  • Learn how integrate new strategies to engage today’s incoming talent; See how other companies are onboarding their talent
  • Understand how to measure the impact of onboarding and demonstrate ROI; Use real metrics to show the impact of onboarding to your organization

The Association for Talent Development (ATD) is a professional membership organization supporting those who develop the knowledge and skills of employees in organizations around the world. The association was previously known as the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD).

If you would like details about the presentation, please contact Brenda or Erika.