CHRO Networking Event: Key Take-Aways


Invest in your leaders’ Emotional Intelligence for a strong financial return.  Emotional Intelligence is a field of study that involves the ability to monitor one’s own and others’ feelings and emotions and then use this information to for problem-solving in real-time. Studies show that organizations that develop and measure leaders’ emotional intelligence create a high-performance culture, which in turn leads to improved financial performance.  Indeed, one recent study reported that organizations that measured emotional intelligence were 16% more likely to experience revenue growth than those that did not!

In our February 2019 networking event, Connect the Dots invited top Human Resource professionals to join a discussion about the extent to which they develop emotional intelligence in their organizations and the impacts of that work.

Leaders with High Emotional Intelligence:

  • Are self-aware
  • Inspire followership
  • Can manage their behavior in a variety of situations, adapt their interaction style
  • Use empathy to coach and mentor
  • Create a psychologically safe environment
  • Understand and are motivated by values, mission, and culture
  • Show leadership courage

CHRO Challenges:

  • Increase Emotional Intelligence of technical leaders. A leader may have high intelligence and technical skill, but still need a great deal of development in leadership skills related to emotional intelligence.
  • Communicate Emotional Intelligence concepts using the language of their organization. While the need for emotionally intelligent leaders is universal, the way the concept is explained may need to vary by organizational culture.  Some organizations use terms like “Managerial Courage” and “Servant Leadership” when first introducing these concepts.
  • Foster a culture of Emotional Intelligence.  Coach leaders on the skills they need to have difficult interpersonal conversations and have the confidence to show vulnerability.

Connect the Dots Solutions:

Do your leaders need to increase their emotional intelligence?  Where are your leadership development programs hitting and missing the mark? What best-practice updates can you make to better meet your organization’s needs?

Connect the Dots often incorporates emotional intelligence in our customized Coaching solution, on-target® and in our Teams methodology. You can find more information on these products on our website, as well as our Onboarding solutions: building connections® and are you connected?®