Live Webinar: Why Leaders Need a Different Onboarding Experience

Webinar: Why Leaders Need a Different Onboarding Experience

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Many human resources professionals are working on creating or updating their organization’s onboarding program.  Those that are engaging new leaders (external hires and leaders promoted from within) in a different way than others in the organization are more likely to successfully integrate those new leaders, thereby helping them achieve their objectives more quickly.

The costs to an organization in recruiting leaders and of that leader’s early missteps are very significant.  It follows that there are enormous benefits for an organization, in both hard and soft costs, to create an onboarding program that reduces the risk of missteps and failure.

The Business case for leadership onboarding: We know recruiting new leaders requires a higher price tag but what are the tangible and intangible costs of a lack of leadership onboarding?

  • Lack of alignment with the leader’s team.
  • Frustration and friction with peers.
  • Missed business opportunities.
  • Performance objectives not being realized.

What You’ll Get From the Webinar:

  • A roadmap for a New leader Onboarding program
  • Best practice roles and responsibilities
  • The role of early feedback
  • Measuring the Impact
  • Three things you can do today

This webinar will be conducted by Brenda Hampel and Erika Lamont, Partners at Connect The Dots Consulting and authors of Perfect Phrases for Employee Onboarding and OrientationPerfect Phrases is a top-selling series for McGraw-Hill's business division.

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