Free Webinar: Leadership Onboarding: Early Feedback Delivers ROI

Leadership Onboarding: Early Feedback Delivers ROI

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Join us for this free, 50-minute webinar as we explore leadership onboarding and the impact of early feedback.

Current research confirms that new leaders who receive actionable feedback have a significantly better chance to quickly integrate into new roles and organizations. By incorporating early feedback into your leadership onboarding experience you will see a faster and more significant ROI. Unfortunately, most organizations and leaders only scratch the surface with brief “check points” and “how are things going” questions. This is not only true for external hires but also for promoted or transitioning leaders.

This webinar will focus on the key elements that recent research has found to have the most impact.

You will learn:

  • Insight about the role feedback plays in successful leadership onboarding
  • Strategies for identifying the “right’ questions and when to ask them
  • Tools to collect and deliver feedback for each new leader
  • Defined roles for the HR Partners and Hiring Managers to gather and deliver feedback
  • Resources for HR Partners, New Leaders and Hiring Manger to leverage the feedback process

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