Free Webinar: The Business Case for Onboarding: You Know it’s Critical, Now Convince Everyone Else

Webinar: The Business Case for Onboarding:  You Know it’s Critical, Now Convince Everyone Else

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“$37 billion – The amount employees cost US and UK companies by not fully understanding their jobs.” -IDC International Data Corporation 

So what is this lack of understanding costing your organization?  Still lacking an effective onboarding program that will fix this for your new hires?

You may get it, but is onboarding still fighting its way on the list of requirements versus the list of “nice to haves” in your organization?

Join us for our next, live 50-minute webinar where we will discuss how to put together a really compelling business case for onboarding that will leave your senior leaders asking how quickly you can implement a web-based onboarding program for your new hires.  We will help you clearly define onboarding, and provide customizable data points to demonstrate onboarding’s ROI in employee engagement, retention and productivity. 

We will provide you with a template to help put together a persuasive presentation to get your onboarding program the support and funding it needs.

“Organizations with a formal Onboarding process receive 60% greater year over year improvement in revenue per FTE.” -The Aberdeen Group

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