Free Live Webinar June 19 - 5 Common & Costly Mistakes of Teams

Join us for a free LIVE Webinar June 19 at 2pm ET


Team performance has a significant impact on business performance. A team that works well together, performs better and has tangible impact on turnover, engagement, development and ultimately, the bottom line of the business.


Yet, 42% of leadership teams rate themselves as performing at a poor level and 37% assess themselves as mediocre! (Wageman, Nunes, Burrus, Hackman) Fortunately, this can be changed, and we can help make that happen.


Are there teams in your organization that perform poorly? What about that team made it bad? Based on our experience in working with organizations and their teams across multiple industries, we have surfaced 5 common and costly mistakes that many make and as a result, struggle to achieve their objectives, and their potential.


These mistakes have both tangible and intangible costs, including:


·  Failure to reach performance goals

·  Missed market opportunities

·  Increased turn-over

·  Low engagement

·  Lack of development


In this webinar you will -


·  Discover the 5 most common mistakes for teams

·  Learn strategies to address or avoid these mistakes

·  Assess your team's risk level

·  Understand how to apply relevant strategies

·  Hear how other organizations have successfully applied these strategies


Join us for this free, 50-minute webinar as Connect the Dots Managing Directors Brenda Hampel and Erika Lamont discuss the 5 common mistakes and provide you with strategies and tools to avoid and/or address them

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