building connections®
- Onboarding that Connects Process, Feedback and Measurement

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted From An Onboarding Program 

Your complete, custom solution that expands your business potential, positions a leader to align with your culture, and delivers ROI on your selection investment.

When it comes to getting your leader onboard in the most efficient way possible, you want a solution that will be easily accessible, laser-focused in its deliverables, and rich in resources. 

In addition, you want a solution that won’t require you to wrestle with complicated interfaces or spend valuable time trying to get your questions answered.

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Introducing building connections®: The Essential Tool For Tracking The Onboarding Process 

 Because of limited resources within most organizations, the onboarding process is often shortened, leaving the new employee with many questions unanswered or feeling as though they are not in complete harmony with the organization’s expectations.

What you need is a tool that will make sure nothing slips through the cracks, giving your new employee and stakeholders all the support they need.

building connections® is a comprehensive web-based onboarding tool that creates a consistent and scalable onboarding solution for organizations in any industry.  

HR partners, hiring managers and new employees experience a customized dashboard from which to manage the onboarding program. Each person works from a roadmap that spells out time-based onboarding actions and gives links to resources that support those actions.

Targeted surveys are automatically incorporated to offer immediate feedback about how the new associates are doing.  Event-triggered email reminders encourage participation and engagement from everyone who uses the tool. spell out time-based onboarding actions and give links to resources that support those actions.  

With the building connections® tool, you’ll receive: 

  • A branded landing page – the perfect place to emphasize your cultural messaging 
  • Role-specific dashboards to view and manage the process – a simple, efficient way all stakeholders can track relevant information 
  • One-click access to all supporting resources such as: checklists, talking points, meeting agendas, internal & external web pages, links to LMS – no hunting for the information you need, it’s right there at your fingertips
  • Surveys to track progress and measure impact – A quick, easy way to assess where your employee is in the onboarding process and communicate this information to management
  • Email reminders – never worry about missing a follow-up task, our seamless design helps keep you on track 

When it comes to automating your onboarding process, there is simply no comparison. building connections® simply works because it is the result of speaking with HR professionals and finding out what they wanted. 

Simple, effective, streamlined… all to help your new employee succeed.

Wondering if this is the right solution for your organization? Watch our demo below to learn more. 

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