When It Is Time to Move On…

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Sometimes it is important to step back and critically examine your position and make decisions before they are made for you !

Jodi had been a high performer in her work in the field. She ran her business effectively, interacted appropriately with corporate partners, and was an incredibly strong advocate for what her field office needed. Based on these skills, she was promoted to a higher level role in the corporate office. However, by the time she came to us for coaching, she was not performing at an acceptable level from a corporate perspective. Suddenly this high-flier found that her job security was at risk!  

It can be frustrating and demotivating to be in a position in which you are not succeeding—and particularly so if you have been a high performer in the past. If you find yourself in this position, you need to:

Determine the underlying cause:

  • What feedback have you received?

Take an honest look at your performance: 

  • Are the identified performance issues something that you can –and want to – improve? 
  • Or are they evidence that this particular role may not be well-suited to your skills and abilities?

Consciously decide to change:

  • Take control of the situation and make the needed changes, or
  • Take what you have learned from the current experience and use it to be more successful in your next role 

Leader’s Reaction: 

Jodi struggled with this concept, because she did not agree with performance assessment that she received. Rather than admit that certain things weren’t working and committing to addressing those problems, Jodi instead “fought” the criticism her boss had given.  


Because Jodi was unwilling to consider making changes in her current role, the decision was made for her: She was terminated 90 days later.  

Need more? Executive coaching can be particularly helpful during times of transition! Click here for more information!