are you connected?®
- An Early Feedback 360 Tool That Positions New Leaders for Long-Term Success

Measure The Effectiveness of Your Leadership Onboarding. are you connected?® Gives You Metrics That Count. 

 Most onboarding processes fall woefully short when it comes to delivering objective results metrics. Organizations are looking for a solution that surfaces actionable feedback early in a new leader’s tenure. 

The best program would include metrics that cover:

  • The time it takes to move the new leader to productivity
  • The areas where a new leader is hitting or missing the mark and gives time to address the gaps
  • New leader or hire retention/termination rates
  • New leader or hire error ratesare you connected product logo
  • The onboarding program ROI 

With that in mind, we worked hard to develop the perfect tool to help you gather the information you need in a single, simple solution.

Different from any other survey tool on the market, are you connected?® gives both the new hire and her organization the specific data needed to make any adjustments to her behaviors to correct mistakes and drive success.  are you connected?® is a 360° feedback survey tool that measures the onboarding alignment of a new leader in your organization. 

The survey measures how a new leader is fitting into the culture and is a predictor of how successful she will be in her role and in the organization.

are you connected?® is easily added to your existing onboarding program to address the need for feedback.  Many of our clients have used our are you connected?® tool as a way to introduce onboarding into their organizations. 

Your organization receives:

  • A 360° assessment of the new associate's onboarding success
  • 27 key questions: a web-enabled and multi-rater survey
  • Proven success: developed and validated in Fortune 500 companies
  • Available in several languages
Why It Works

Why the are you connected onboarding tool works.

Our clients continue to validate that the are you connected?® tool will meet your exacting standards. But the real payoff comes when you see your leaders excel, bringing your organization the success it pursues. 

You can go the short route, and hand your new hire a manual with a “good luck” pat on the back. Or you can offer your new employee something that will let her know your organization expects the best. And the best doesn’t come from a manual.

Why not set up an appointment with us so we can discover how we can help. Discover why our long-term clients keep coming back for more. We think you’ll be happy too, once you start to put these onboarding tools into action.

Contact us today and let’s get started on developing the onboarding strategy that is right for your business. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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